Stop stressing over your cash flow and reclaim control of what's yours! Get paid quickly, without hours wasted on chasing debtors.

With our debt collection services, there’s no need to be stuck in an endless cycle of chasing after unpaid invoices. Let us take the pressure off your internal collections team and show you what efficient recovery can really look like! Enjoy hassle-free cash flow with smooth returns on receivables that will give you peace of mind for a worry-free future.


Our mission is to help businesses efficiently manage their accounts receivable and credit risks while keeping strong relationships with customers. Our specialized team of experts uses a range of collection strategies and payment recovery solutions that are compliant with all legal regulations – bringing you positive outcomes in terms of write-off mitigation!
  1. 1
    Clear credit policy
    Establishing a clear and accurate credit policy is key to the success of any business. That's why we place special focus on making sure each new customer passes our rigorous credit check before they are welcomed aboard!
  2. 2
    Streamlined workflow
    Our team of experts offers a comprehensive review of your current operations, honing in on areas where adjustments can be made. Leveraging our experience and knowledge within the industry we provide strategies to help expand your horizons beyond what is known now!
  3. 3
    Leveraging the power of automation
    Through the power of automation and performance, we strive to drive improved results by pinpointing accounts in need of urgent attention. Our detailed reports help you understand the progress being made with your account so that you can take effective steps towards further success!

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Manage receivables and maximize returns today with TGC’s Collections & Receivable Management services.

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