For many organizations, Enterprise Solutions are the mission-critical backbone, through the most, if not all business transactions flow. Besides providing the core transaction processing that large, complex enterprises require.

TGC has implemented Enterprise Solutions systems across a wide range of vertical industry sectors and we have developed core competencies with the leading Enterprise Solutions applications, including SAP, PeopleSoft, EnterpriseOne, BPCS and QAD's MFG/PRO.

Furthermore, with our experience in related application areas, ranging from CRM to business intelligence and e-business, we can help your organization derive maximum value from its ERP projects, TGC is in the process of acquiring ISO 9001 certification, with the sole objective of "Customer Satisfaction" and to provide customers with Quality products and services, TGC has established an effective Quality Management System (QMS) based on the ISO 9001:2000 framework. As quality improvement is a journey in itself rather than a destination, TGC has initiated steps towards achieving the Level 3 certification.

Business Intelligence

Significance of BI

  • A strategic approach to extending and standardizing the use of BI: Any organization that cannot deal with data quality and consistency issues from within the confines of its BI platform does not have a credible product in place, nor does it have a plausible BI strategy stated The Butler Group, in its recent report.
  • Gartner states that, "Most visible to management is the growing dissatisfaction with the quality of data in Business Intelligence (BI) oriented data structures such as data warehouses. As the strategic importance of applications built on these structures continues to grow, users are less tolerant of poor quality. This also applies when the data warehouse generates information for compliance with regulations such as the U.S. Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act (Sarbanes-Oxley).
  • Business Intelligence focuses on arming your stakeholders with tools and techniques to gain insight and knowledge from your organization’s integrated, trusted data, all through a repeated, well-orchestrated process.

Hence Business Intelligence (BI) strategy is one of the most critical components of creating knowledge from data, and is more than a one-size-fits-all approach. It specifically addresses the needs, styles and convenience of your knowledge workers and requires that information is monitored, easily navigated and well-orchestrated.

Give your organization the power to open new markets, enhance existing customer relationships, generate revenue, and discover the next horizons with best specific BI strategy. ITL’s Business Intelligence Services are all about adding power to your organisation.

End-to-End BI Solutions

We provide integrated BI solutions that allow your stakeholders/partners to access the right data across the enterprise. Right from assessment and strategy to architecture and implementation, our framework provides a road map that assesses and addresses your business needs, and architects a solution customized for your organization. Thus enterprises benefit from improved information access and streamlined flows.


TGC’s enterprise reporting options range from simple reporting functionality on top of an existing ERP to solutions that maximize the value of your ERP solutions. Each of our clients benefits from customized, scalable solutions based on their business requirements, needs and technologies.

TGC's is one of the lead Business Intelligence service players in Europe and have worked closely with several companies as their in-house or external BI partner to constantly deliver the growing reporting challenges of top management, mid management and its stake holders. Often the most neglected or least focused, TGC experienced BI teams can demonstrate or work on a prototype to establish a complete data warehousing solution meeting the growing simple to complex needs of an enterprise.

Our BI group is equipped to support following tools extensively:

  • SAP NetWeaver BI
  • DataStage
  • Informatica – PowerMart, PowerCenter
  • Business Objects XI (BO)
  • Business Objects Data Integrator (BODI)
  • Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft – Data Information Services
  • Oracle Replication and Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Cognos
  • Ab-Initio
Application Development

Service Offerings

Parallel to ERP focus, TGC also believes in adding value to the customers by strategically converging business and technology in its offerings. We have following gamut of offerings for global ISVs and end-clients using contemporary Microsoft technologies and Java based enterprise class applications dealing in business domains like BPM, Real Time Analytics, Forensic Email Compliance and Web Solutions. The highlight of this journey have been TGC’s capability to cater to our client’s varied requirements most optimally keeping together in mind the business and technology.

  • Outsourced Product development (Product Lifecycle management solutions)
  • Custom Application Development
  • Product Strategy, Architecture, Prototyping and Support Services
  • Web Development (comprising Web 2.0 Enabled .NET Applications)
  • Application Migration & Integration
  • Independent Testing & Validation Services
  • Professional Services

TGC’s premier product offering iWisdom, an end-to-end enterprise web application solutions for institution is a classic example of its product development capabilities encompassing all about the gamut of our offerings. TGC is always believes in offering proven application development services to clients and hence establish state-of-art product and development centre at India to present the above offerings proven way.

Java Technologies

Java Experts Group (JEG) at TGC can convert information into knowledge. Since inception in 2000, Java Experts Group has evolved offering excellent bandwidth of seasoned professionals comprising of Analysts, Account Managers, PM’s, PL’s, Developers, and QA team. JEG focuses on developing high performance, scalable, extensible and manageable J2EE applications, engaged and specializes in outsourced software product development providing expertise in J2EE Application Development, J2EE Architecture & Design, Performance Tuning for Java Applications, Migration of J2EE Applications from one Application Server, Single Sign-on Implementation, Eclipse Plug-in Development to name a few.

JEG also constantly monitors the latest developments and new releases in the J2EE space in order to provide cutting edge IT solutions. With number of Reusable J2EE components, we can assemble new applications at a faster pace and with excellent quality. This also ensures a greater return on our customer’s technology investments. JEG also maintains comprehensive list of Java Coding Standards & Guidelines that gets followed during the development of each project.

Microsoft Technologies

The Microsoft Experts Group @ TGC (MEG@TGC) holds bunch of Microsoft Technology Experts providing expert consultancy in Technology and Business domains to companies globally. Our experts more than providing just consultancy, aggressively participate in your business; partnering the innovation and inducing technology expertise.


Both MEG and JEG @ TGC are rapidly growing group and has a very aggressive learning curve. During last two years (2007 and 2008), we added 3 new business and solution domains growing @ 250% in size and business. Pre-dominantly both Java and Microsoft teams are based in India and also available to participate all strategy and knowledge transfer meeting / workshops at TGC’s onsite or near shore locations or at client locations.

Data Warehouse

Trusted data excellence doesn't happen by accident. It requires good planning and design, and a strategy. TGC knows that your data warehouse is more than just storage - it's the basis of your business and act as driver for further business growth. The right architecture and solution allows you to work smarter, not harder, and to make decisions based on the right data and at the right time.

At TGC, we have constantly created solutions that are :

  • Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Cost-effective — addressing our clients’ needs for today and
  • Supporting their growth for tomorrow

This includes identifying and managing the master data that are the dimensions of your data warehouse and creating the data quality programs that ensure you stakeholders have the most trusted information. With a clear focus on the right strategy, architecture and life-cycle, proposed solution is drawn to support your organizational strategy and its goals.

End-to-End Data Warehouse Solutions

The need for end-to-end solutions becomes critical as companies increasingly feel the need to keep applications current to manage, manipulate and disseminate information to create a competitive advantage. TGC’s solution collaborates with our clients to assess current data warehouse/data mart environments and complete a gap analysis. We also evaluate technology and tools and make vendor-neutral recommendations that are in your best interest. Thus deliver a clear road map, specific to client that outline architecture /re-engineering solutions and the implementation strategies to reach clients strategic goals.

Data Migration and Integration

Enterprise architecture is evolving everyday to keep up with changing business needs, and migrating to newer technologies, servers and integration platforms has become a way of life. TGC knows that this can be a costly and risky process. We provide proven, structured processes to migrate your data that reduces your overall risk and cost. Whether migrating legacy applications or migration to new server platforms, we bring the expertise to do it effectively the first time. Through ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tools to mapping and gapping, we follow a proven methodology of Assess, Architect, Migrate, Test and Deploy, to ensure your data migrations and database integrations are not only successful but exceed the present or future expectations to get maximum ROI’s for your investments.

Data Quality Assessment / Data Cleansing

The quality of your data influences the quality of your decisions. We provide a framework of policies, processes, tools and techniques to profile, cleanse and manage the quality of your data, both across functions and throughout your enterprise.

Delivery Matrix
Oracle Solutions

High-performance businesses and governments look at their enterprise systems not as a commodity, but as a way to help differentiate them from their competition. TGC helps organizations achieve high performance meeting its business objectives with Oracle solutions through an unmatched combination of industry and functional expertise and Oracle implementation know-how that brings depth, completeness and value to our solutions.

With deep insights, proven experience and industrialized delivery capabilities and highly experienced Oracle professionals around the globe, TGC is well equipped to provide strategy, implementation, upgrade and application outsourcing solutions across the entire Oracle suite of products.

IBM Solutions

TGC delivers outstanding value software services across many sectors of UK and European economy, including Telecoms, Financial services, Government, Web Portals and FMCG.

Our Application Development and Maintenance practice provides world class solutions utilising IBM Products. TGC' ADM practice has expertise in a wide range of disciplines including Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Web Commerce, Business Integration, Enterprise Content Management, Messaging Applications and Asset Management

We follow the latest IBM methodologies and tools for requirement gathering, design, implementation, testing and standards enforcement allows us to cut through technical complexity, manage risk and focus entirely on delivery.

Specialization areas Websphere Product Suite

  • Websphere Application Server
  • WebSphere Business Integration
  • WebSphere message Broker
  • WebSphere Commerce
  • WebSphere Portal
  • WebSphere MQ

Enterprise Asset Management

  • Maximo Asset management
  • SCM: Maximo Online Commerce System
  • Maximo Mobile Suite

Business Integration & Intelligence

  • Tivoli
  • Cognos
  • Infosphere Datastage

Enterprise Content Management Expertise

  • FileNet Content Manager
  • Lotus Web Content Management
  • Infosphere

Software Development

  • Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software
  • Rational Data and Application Modeling
  • Rational Rose
  • Rational ClearCase
  • Rational RequisitePro


  1. 1
    SAP All-In-One

    We are SAP specialists, providing solutions and support on SAP All-in-OneTM for over 8 years. Our SAP Center of Excellence (CoE) provides highly effective solutions to help our clients optimize their investments in SAP products. With a large pool of certified SAP experts, TGC provides end-to-end solutions in SAP including implementations, upgrades, and application management services. Our teams also hold extensive experience in various vertical industries and best practices repository allows us to offer faster solutions to our clients, offering them immediate business benefits.

    With global offshore delivery centre at Chennai, India and near shore support centre at London, United Kingdom, TGC is uniquely placed to offer high value and high-end excellent SAP services from offshore, onsite and near shore centres.

    Since 2005, TGC’s SAP onsite and offshore delivery practices have benefitted several end-customers and partner enterprises worldwide. Several European and US clients are benefitting with our transparent engagement models, which includes ontime and within budget solutions, based on our best implementation practices. TGC is capable to support latest SAP All-in-OneTM solutions and previous standard versions 4.6, 4.6c, 4.7 EE, ECC 5.0 and ECC 6.0.

    They include following:

    SAP ERP Suite

    • SAP ERP enhancement package support: Based on industry verticals
    • SAP ERP Financials – Analytics, Financials (Financial SCM, Treasury, FA, MA, and Corporate Governance)
    • SAP ERP Human Capital Management – Talent Management, Workforce Process Management and Workforce Deployment
    • Procurement & Logistics Execution (P & LE) – Procurement, Inventory, Inbound & Outbound Logistics and Transportation Management
    • Product Development & Management – Production Planning, Manufacturing Execution, Product Development, Life-Cycle Data Management
    • Sales & Service – Sales Order Management, Aftermarket Sales & Service, Professional-Service Delivery
    • Corporate Services – Project/Portfolio Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Travel Management, Real Estate Management, EHS, QM, Global Trade Services

    SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM)

    SAP Product Life Cycle Management

    SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM)

    SAP Supplier Relationship Management

    SAP Service and Asset Management

  2. 2
    SAP Implementations
    Since 2000 we are implementing, supporting and providing stabilization and maintenance support on SAP All-in-One to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) worldwide. We constantly enhance our domain expertise, and deliver the following SAP best practices. Our pre-defined standard implementation model encompasses the following stages and well illustrated diagrammatically:
    • Project Plan & Preparation Stage
    • Business Blueprint Stage
    • Realization Stage
    • Design & Development Stage
    • Go-Live Support
    TGC supports all the stages of implementations and also extensively support post go-live support. Delivering customized outsourcing services to enterprises with its global presence and highly reduced costs while meeting new enhancements like, business change requests, technical requests, reporting requests and maintenance.
  3. 3
    Outsourcing Managed Services
  4. 4
    SAP NetWeaver BI

    SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI) paints a complete picture of your business to satisfy the diverse needs of end users, IT professionals, and senior management. It brings together a powerful business intelligence infrastructure, a comprehensive set of tools, planning and simulation capabilities, and data-warehousing functionality – delivered through enterprise portal technology.

    SAP NetWeaver BI is the answer to integrate data from across the enterprise and beyond, and then transform it into practical, timely information to drive sound decision-making, targeted action, and solid business results.

    SAP Netweaver BI Supports

    • Data Warehousing: Data Warehouse Management; Business Modelling; and Extraction, Transformation, and loading enables you to build data warehouses,model information architecture according to business structure, and manage data from multiple sources.
    • Business Intelligence Online Analytical Processing, Data Mining, and alerts provide a foundation for accessing and presenting data, searching for patterns,and identifying exceptions.
    • Business Planning:A BI planning framework with secure workflow capabilities supports Microsoft Excel or Web-based planning and budgeting based on consolidated corporate data for bottom-up or top-down planning.
    • Business Insights:Query design, reporting and analysis, and Web application design allows you to create analysis reports, support decisions at every level, and present Business Intelligence applications on the Web.
    • Measurement and Management:Business-content management, metadata management, and collaborative business intelligence monitor progress, provide reporting templates, ensure consistent data, and help decision-makers work together.
    • Open hub services:Open hub services features enable the delivery of high-quality, audited enterprise information through Web services to exchange, Change Data Capture (CDC), and modeling features streamline deployment and enable cost-effective operations.
    • nformation Broadcasting:Information broadcasting features support the distribution of mass information to large audiences in a personalized and secure manner. You can broadcast information as an offline document or live report through personalized e-mail or on the Internet, according to a scheduled or key events.
    • Accelerated Business Intelligence:Based on compressions, parallel in-memory processing, and search technologies, the SAP NetWeaver BI Accelerator functionality improves the performance of queries, reduces administration tasks, and shortens batch processes. Developed as an appliance on Intel processors,the accelerator provides consistently fast response times, even as data volumes, number of users, and analytics increase.

    TGC teams are equipped to support SAP NetWeaver BI technology services extensively.

  5. 5
    SAP Business By Design
    World's most flexible, on-demand and comprehensive solutions for mid-sized enterprises that wants to grow profitably This is new product innovated by SAP and currently available for Small to Medium Enterprises globally. This solution encompass following:
    • Financials, Management Accounting & Cash Flow Management Customer Relationship Management: Marketing, Sales and Service
    • Human Resources Management:Organizational Management, Human Resources and Employee self-service
    • Supply Chain Management:Supply chain setup and performance, Supply chain planning and control
    • Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Logistics Project Management
    • Supplier Relationship Management:Sourcing, Purchasing, and Compliance Management
    • Executive Management Support:Business performance management
    In a nut-shell with SAP Business ByDesignTM an enterprise can:
    • Streamline processes and eliminate departmental silos
    • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of employees
    • Make better, more proactive decisions
    • Adapt to changing market requirements-quicker than your competitors
    • Gain control and visibility over your entire business
    • Simplify the IT by allowing SAP to manage your software-as-a-service
  6. 6
    The SAP Focus

    As a reliable preferred SAP vendor for many enterprises, TGC clients, partners and associates can benefit from following:

    • Highly cost-effective competitive rates for support services – you can bet on us for best pricing
    • Completed several projects and supported number of professional augmentation challenges
    • Access our well experienced 500+ SAP functional and technical consultants worldwide
    • Consistent SAP All-in-OneTM system support, covering the full range of SAP functions with great flexibility
    • The SAP Knowledge Transfer
    • The Complete Annual Support Package
    • Extensive yet flexible 3 delivery support models
      • Onsite Support
      • Near shore Support or Combination of Onsite-Near shore (working from London Facilities for European clients and From Chennai for Asian Clients)
      • Remote (Offshore) Support Model – for non-critical ABAP development support, remote netweaver basis and technical support, help desk and level 2 and 3 support from ODC.

    Contact Infoplus Teams for Free Assessment Efforts! Benefits of Outsourcing SAP support:

    • Flexible Client Specific Support Package, to meet your specific needs
    • Highly Cost Effective – We truly delivering value for your money
    • Increased efficiency and productivity through business continuity
    • On schedule calls to ensure smooth running of SAP support function – plan actions ahead to replace fire-fighting

    Finally, the peace of mind that comes from a reliable and preferred SAP partner.

Offshore Solutions

  1. 1
    Offshore Solutions

    Companies can greatly benefit by outsourcing their IT related activities, and focus on their core competencies. Outsourcing non-core IT activities to an established and reliable offshore IT service provider also enables the companies to save significant amounts without compromising on quality.

    TGC specializes in providing a comprehensive spectrum of offshore software / IT services. We strive to become a one-stop shop for companies having a diverse range of IT and software requirements. Our services include software development, software re-engineering and enhancements, testing and quality assurance, support and maintenance services and IT strategy consulting. Additionally, we have also worked with partner companies for joint offshore product development initiatives.

    Learn more about our service offerings for offshore outsourcing of custom software development, product development and extended software development facility.

    • Offshore Custom Software Development
    • Offshore Product Development
  2. 2
    The Offshore Value Proposition

    The Offshore Outsourcing Value Proposition entails the following key elements:

    It enables your organization to outsource non-core activities and focus on your core competencies. It enables you to take advantage of our expertise in IT project management, software development, software testing and support procedures and methodologies. Get significant cost benefits without compromising on quality.

    Your organization is not required to maintain expensive IT resources in-house, which can prove to be a significant overhead, especially if your organization does not have a steady stream of IT requirements to fulfil.

  3. 3
    Outsourcing Managed Services
  4. 4
    Offshore Custom Software Development

    Companies often require custom designed software solutions that meet the exact specifications of their business processes. They can seldom find such solutions in the form of a product ready for purchase. Custom tailored solutions not only fit the precise requirements of an organization, they also enable them to factor in issues such as existing network and software infrastructure, integration with existing packages and support and maintenance requirements.

    TGC provides offshore custom software development services for business applications and embedded software. Within these two broad fields we possess in-depth knowledge of specific domains which enables us to better comprehend your requirements and design solutions accordingly. We strive to provide value to the customer in terms of cost benefits without compromise on quality or delivery schedule.

    Effective communication between the client and the service provider is a key element in the successful execution of an offshore software development project. Lack of clear understanding of the client’s requirements by the service provider is a major cause of setbacks during the life cycle of a project. Lack of proper documentation at every step of the project can also cause significant problems at later stages of the project and post-implementation. At Infoplus, we have adopted well defined methodologies for the analysis, design, delivery and management of all offshore and offsite projects. We follow industry proven best practices to successfully manage offshore relationships and to minimize risk and instill transparency in all aspects of offshore project execution.

  5. 5
    Offshore Product Development

    Partnering with an offshore software company can significantly lower the cost of developing a product, which in turn can directly affect the bottom line of your product development initiative. TGC can serve as an ideal partner for the offshore software development of your product.

    Unlike most software development companies in India which are primarily services based, Infoplus Technology has ventured into the product space as well. We have indigenously developed a range of products for the banking and financial sector in India by putting together a team of domain, industry and technology experts. Our experience in product development has given us more than a fair idea of what is involved in indigenously developing and marketing a specialized software product.

    Different companies have partnered with us in different ways for various product development initiatives. We can serve simply as an offshore development partner to simply develop the product as per your specification at our offshore facility. However, if the idea for a product lies in our domain(s) of expertise, we can be involved in all stages of the initiative including conceptualization, specification, development and even marketing.

    TGC technologies is a global technology consulting and services company offering customized worldwide IT consulting and workforce solutions to aid businesses in driving growth through competitive and managed operations.


    85 Uxbridge Road, 1st Floor, London, England, W5 5TH


    +44 (0) 20 3330 0319
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