Direct Hire Strategy

Onboard the ideal talents directly for your permanent staffing needs

Every business is unique and so are its staffing requirements. TGC’s Direct Hire Strategy is designed to help you find the right talents tailored to fit your specific staffing needs. We take into consideration your organizational culture, business goals, and budgetary requirements to deliver a customized solution through our advanced direct-hire strategy.

What is direct hire staffing?

A direct hire strategy is a type of staffing solution where a company hires an employee directly, without going through a third-party agency. This hiring method is usually used for senior-level positions or for positions that require specific skills and experience. However, with TGC, you can get direct-hire staffing services for all types and levels of positions. We have a global network of top talents that we can connect you with, so you can find the perfect match for your open position directly into your payroll.

Interested in direct-hire staffing?

Why TGC's direct hire staffing solutions?

TGC brings you the bespoke direct-hire staffing solution that helps you source, attract, and hire the best talents for your business needs. We curate a more specific direct hire strategy for your business by understanding everything from your project goals to organizational ethos. This way you have in hand the holistic solution, not just a list of CVs.

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Size doesn’t matter

From small businesses to large-scale enterprises, our team has the experience and skills to bring you the best possible direct-hire staffing solution. As one of the top direct-hire staffing agencies across the nation, we have the resources and network to bring you just what you need.

Direct hiring made easy

The process of direct hiring can be quite complicated and time-consuming. TGC’s team of staffing experts will take care of the entire process for you, from sourcing to screening to final interviews. We use the latest tools and technologies to help you find the best talents quickly and efficiently.

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