Accelerate your business growth with the right supply chain and procurement talent!

We’re here to provide outstanding, top-tier professionals for direct hire, temporary or interim positions at any level in manufacturing operations & beyond. Let us help you find success – no matter how small or large your organization is.

Why TGC With Recruitment and Procurement?

Procurement and supply chains play a major role in today’s business landscape: they help companies find the right talent with perfect blends of technical proficiency, problem-solving savvy, and flexibility. This is why we make sure to have an established local presence combined with global connections so that our procurement teams can continue delivering world-class solutions!
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    Wide expertise
    With our specialized knowledge in many areas of the industry, like sourcing and supply chain management, we'll ensure you're equipped with the top-notch talent to take your organization up a notch. We make sure every opening is filled by reliable professionals who will bring outstanding performance to the table.
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    Outcome-focused approach
    We don't just find the right people for the job; we make sure that their skills, experience, and ideas are utilized to achieve maximum success. We harness a holistic view of your business needs by looking at both short-term goals and long-term objectives, which allows us to deliver differentiated results.

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